Let’s Bless a Family this Christmas!

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

Each year, as part of the James1:27 Project, of our MY KITCHEN Outreach, we choose a family in need to bless at Christmas.

This year, we have a single mom, with several young ones, who is having to find a new place to live. She works a full time job, and receives no form of government assistance, but, as they say…life has happened, and they need some help.

Bacon! A Home Chef's GuideThis year, our fund-raising just happens to coincide with the release of my newest Home Chef Guidebook, “BACON!”

So…let’s make the most of that!

Today (Friday) through this Sunday, 100% of the sales of this guidebook, or ANY of my books on Amazon (www.perryperkinsbooks.com) will be donated to this year’s family.

If you’re still looking to fill some Christmas present slots…buy ’em a book! 😉

(The Home Chef Series, “MEAT FIRE GOOD”, and “Just A Spoonful” are all great gift options!)

If you would like to give directly to the family, please contact me.

Also, we’re looking for some folks who might be willing to offer a “Matching Funds” deal, as part of their year-end charitable giving. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, I can provide tax-deductible recipes. Again, please contact me in you’re interested.

Lastly, PLEASE share this request with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas mBooks by Perry P. Perkinsy friends!

~Chef Perry


“Bacon! A Home Chef’s Guide” NOW AVAILABLE!

The Home Chef's Guide to Bacon!“The Home Chef: Transforming the American Kitchen” was your overview of the professional techniques, concepts, and tips for taking your cooking to the next level, but…let’s face it, you can only fit so much information into one book!

Each Home Chef Guidebook delves more deeply into the professional quality recipes and techniques of specific cooking styles and cuisines.

This one is all about BACON.

Bacon is the candy-apple red hot-rod of the food world. We want it, but we also fear it a little, which makes us want it even more…

Each year in the U.S. more than 1.7 billion lbs. of bacon are consumed – equivalent to the weight of 8 1/2 Nimitz class aircraft carriers. 65% of Americans would support bacon as their “national food” and more than half of us claim that we would rather have bacon than sex.

Bacon is kinda a big deal!

Let’s learn about bacon, the types of bacon out there, the best techniques for cooking it, and the most delicious recipes available for God’s most perfect meat.

Click here to order your copies today for the bacon-junkies on your Christmas list, and get free shipping!

Welcome, Home Chefs!

~Chef Perry

The Home Chef: Transforming the American Kitchen 
The Home Chef’s Guide to Frugal Fine Cooking 
Bacon! A Home Chef’s Guide


Special deal for readers…


Hey, as we count down to the release of “BACON! A Home Chef’s Guide”, I have a deal for all of you who have read either of the first two books.

If you would use the links below to leave a review on Amazon.com, I’ll send you a special 20% discount code to pick up the new book when it releases next month!


~Chef Perry

The Home Chef

Frugal Fine Cooking

The Home Chef's Guide to Bacon!

Best Seasoning for Cast Iron


Facebook friend Paul asks:

What type of oil would you recommend for seasoning cast iron?

Hey Paul,

I season my cast iron with a 50/50 mix of Crisco and peanut oil (for the high smoke point.) Of course, if anyone in the family has nut allergies, I’d switch straight Crisco or a good quality lard.

Make sure to cook lots of bacon, and other high fat foods (a nice batch of fried chicken in peanut oil is great) in your pan for the first several times you use the pan after seasoning.

Avoid highly acidic foods (NO tomato products, no citrus), as they pull our the oils from the pan.

You can also go old-school and use bacon fat, but you need to REALLY strain it (several times) to get out any solids.

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite skillet recipes…

Pan-Seared Filet Mignon with Garlic-Mushroom Cream Sauce

Cast Iron Filet Mignon Want to help me feed hungry families, teach at-risk & special-needs kids to cook for themselves and their families, and change lives?

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Turkey Tips: Stock & Gravy


If you find that your turkey drippings are too salty for stock and gravy, or you just don’t want to wait until the turkey’s done roasting to get started on them, here’s a quick tip…

Spatchcocked Turkey

Spatchcock your turkey BEFORE you brine it, and roast the back-bone, wing tips, giblets, and trimmed fat, with a little salt and chopped onions while the bird’s brining.

Homemade Turkey Stock

THEN make your stock from those pieces (you can also buy a couple of turkey thighs, and roast them if you like a “meaty” gravy…which I do!) This allows you to season your stock to taste, and defat it (if you choose) while the turkey is roasting, so you can start your dressing and gravy before it’s done.

Creating a roux

Lastly, always start your gravy by making a roux (equal parts fat and flour.) The darker you cook your roux, the deeper the flavor of your gravy. Once your roux has cooked to your liking, thin it to gravy using your stock.


Chef Perry



Name a Food You Can’t Stand

Name a food you can't stand

This is a tough question for me, as I tend to like everything, and my tastes tend to go far deeper into the pool than most. (Gimme a fried cricket over a potato chip, all day long! 😉 )

Also, I am by nature predisposed to dislike “contempt prior to investigation” and, as I teach the kids, I prefer to categorize foods by “things I haven’t had prepared in a way I like…YET”, as opposed to label things “I don’t like.”

In other words, I may “eat with my eyes first”, but I refuse to pass judgement until my tastebuds have weighed in!

As far as things that most people seem to like, that I haven’t discovered a love for (yet), I guess I’d have to go with any fresh fruit combined with chocolate.

I’ve tried many, many versions, and, while I’ll eat my weight in white chocolate covered pretzels, I just can’t seem to get a taste for berries, bananas, or any other fruit dipped in chocolate (but, by all means, feel free to try to change my mind!)

How about you, what do YOU say no to, when everyone else seems to be scarfing it down?

~Chef Perry