Music in the Kitchen

I’m not sure I could cook properly with some tunes playing.

I blame it on my 80’s hair-band upbringing.

When things get hopping, I’m teetering in the weeds, and there are 20 plates waiting, I need me some Queen, AC-DC, Journey, Aerosmith, Van Halen (even with Sammy), or Mötley Crüe to keep the feet moving, (nothing better than “Home Sweet Home” to end a long night.)

When I’m home, however, I find I need a very different style…mellower, more relaxing. This is when The Eagles, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and yes, maybe even a little Neil Diamond, call to me.

Lately, when I’m slinging in the home kitchen, I’ve been exploring more instrumental stuff, mostly jazz, or R&B. One of my new favorite instrumentalists is Alayna French, whose debut album, Awakened to Reality” just released on Amazon.

Victorious is He“(t2), and “High Tide” (t4) are SO good for writing…my other job, “Fight or Flight” (t6) is great kitchen music, and “Alone” (t1) is just plain awesome anytime, (my new morning meditation soundtrack).

I’ve been playing the album all day, I can’t remember the last time I liked EVERY track on an album.

Looking forward to more from Alayna French.

How about you? Do you need a little something to tap your toes to in the kitchen? Who bangs your gong, when the cookin’s on?

Chef Perry

Disclaimer: This review is purely my own opinion. I have not received, nor will receive, any form of compensation or gratuity for the post or my review of any of this music. I paid full price for these songs.

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