Just…shut up, please?


SO tired of these outraged posts telling me why I can’t eat or shop at this or that restaurant or chain, because of the TERRIBLE things their owners do or believe.

You know what? I go to church to support my moral values. I eat at a place because I like their food.

maxresdefaultI’m not there to join them big game hunting, or alleged homophobia, or because they’re mean to chickens, or whatever next week’s national moral outrage is going to be. They make food, I buy food, I eat food.

THAT is the beginning and end of our relationship.

You don’t change the world by carrying a sign, you change it by being the change you want to see.

And, before anyone drags out that tired old rag, “but your supporting what they do…”, I’ll tell you this (as a guy who’s spent a lot of years in and around the industry)…

If not liking a CEO’s habits, hobbies, or personal opinions are going to offend you into these posts and make you advocate a boycott…you better burn your cash and start raising all your own food. Stop eating out, stop buying clothes, for God’s sake – don’t vote.

No more TV, no cars, no more movies…do you see where this is going?

‘Cause if you dig deep enough, and really, really want it, you’ll find something that offends you in everyone.

Is “change through bullying” really the world we’re wanting to create?

And if you’re outraged about the sandwich shop, but still buy those jeans that your teen’s been whining for all year…well, frankly, you’re a hypocrite. Unless, of course the shooting of a big game animal is somehow more evil than sweatshops full of child slave laborers.

Don’t like the foie gras? Don’t order it. But who they hell are you to tell ME not to?


And it’s not about “freedom of speech”…we all know that you have the right to public expression, and I support that. But just because we can do something, doesn’t always mean we should.

No one’s saying you can’t have an opinion, just use it effectively. Present your arguments to your friends, your family, people who might actually be influenced by your opinion.

‘Cause, honestly…did a sidewalk screamer with a sign (or snarky Facebook meme) ever really change your opinion on anything? No, it simply makes the person with the sign, or the post, feel good.

It’s mental masturbation…and it makes folks go blind.

So, if you choose to be selectively outraged (but still want your half-caf soy caramel lattes) accept the fact that you can be bought for a price, and please stop annoying the rest of us with your insecure “Look at me, I’m offended and that makes me hip” twaddle.

Just…shut up.


~Chef Perry

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