Why I hate the “Like” button…


I think the “like” button is my least favorite feature of Facebook.

I’m ego-maniacal enough to just ASSUME everyone’s going to LIKE my posts…what I WANT is conversation. Why did you like it? What memory or experience did it trigger for you personally? What does it mean in YOUR life, that it may not in mine, and what can you add?

Frankly, a “thumbs up” is a pretty pathetic, lazy form of communication, and communication is why I signed up for FB in the first place.

And, yes, I can certainly how it’s a time-saver, and easier than writing out one’s thought (but seriously, even an “LOL” is less ambiguous than that damn button.

I’d just rather see more people interested in IMPROVING their written communication skills, than just band-aide them with a “Like” button. If I was interested in just getting applause, I’d do theatre again (shudder)… 😉  

The ability to express ones self through words, much like cooking, is a passion of mine. And, unfortunately, we’re de-evolving into a fast-food nation in both arenas.

If FACEBOOK requires too much effort, I kinda weep for the future (well, okay, I weep for the future for a lot of reasons, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post…)

JUST to clarify (which YOUR conversations are helping me do, lol) I’m NOT suggesting that every meme, puppy picture, or kitty video, requires a heartfelt, deeply considered response. I’m talking about when someone posts something MEANINGFUL, a joy, a pain, something (hopefully) thought-provoking. I think something that is clearly important to the person posting, and sparks a thought in response, deserves more respect that a “thumbs up.”

On an interesting (for me, anyway) entomological side-note: The “thumbs up” originated as an air-force gesture, meaning “ready to fly” between a pilot and ground crew, before take-off. The reason this was necessary is that neither the pilot nor the crewman directing him could HEAR each other over the noise, so they had to adopt hand gestures when conversation was impossible.

Strangely appropriate.

So, I’m going to try only “liking” a post if I’m willing to leave a comment, even just a brief one, as well.

Who’s with me?

~Chef P

PS- If you “like” THIS post, without commenting… you’re a jerk.

One thought on “Why I hate the “Like” button…

  1. Maybe they need an eyeball as well as the thumbs up.
    A button that says, “hey, I just read your post”.

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