Do you know what’s in your Sushi?


For my fellow fish-heads…

Fishy Business (From: Eater Seattle)

After an investigation that found escolar mislabeled as white tuna or albacore at Oto Sushi (8105 161st Ave NE, Redmond) and Sushi Tokyo (6311 Roosevelt Way NE, Roosevelt, Seattle), and tilapia mislabeled as Tai red snapper at the latter restaurant, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has ordered the businesses to label their products properly and to pay costs and fees totaling thousands of dollars each.

“The investigators determined that the restaurants had purchased correctly named fish but changed the names on their menus,” the announcement explains.

Read the rest of the article, on Eater Seattle, here.

~Chef Perry

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My ‘little chef” workin’ the sticks and enjoying our weekly sushi date

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