On Recipes


Sometimes, when someone gets especially snarky about a vague direction or ingredient amount, or complains about not having enough “step by step” pictures in my recipes, I smile and think about this little book.

This belonged to my dad, Chef Frank Perkins (and he probably got it from HIS dad, who was also a chef.)

He just called it “The Reminder” (copyright 1909) and it was the only “cookbook” he owned. He kept it in his knife roll, and it went everywhere he cooked. He gave it to me when he retired.

IMG_6030As you can see, there are no pictures, no measurements, just brief descriptions of the elements of finished dishes. Got a chicken in the freezer? The book “reminds” you of the various dishes you can make…and assumes that you know how.

I learned to cook many, many dishes out of this little book.

So, if I don’t seem to get my knickers in a twist every time someone gets all uppity about my usage of  vague terms like “a pinch”, “a handful”, or “a little bit more”….you might understand, lol.

~Chef Perry


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