Turkey Tips: Stock & Gravy


If you find that your turkey drippings are too salty for stock and gravy, or you just don’t want to wait until the turkey’s done roasting to get started on them, here’s a quick tip…

Spatchcocked Turkey

Spatchcock your turkey BEFORE you brine it, and roast the back-bone, wing tips, giblets, and trimmed fat, with a little salt and chopped onions while the bird’s brining.

Homemade Turkey Stock

THEN make your stock from those pieces (you can also buy a couple of turkey thighs, and roast them if you like a “meaty” gravy…which I do!) This allows you to season your stock to taste, and defat it (if you choose) while the turkey is roasting, so you can start your dressing and gravy before it’s done.

Creating a roux

Lastly, always start your gravy by making a roux (equal parts fat and flour.) The darker you cook your roux, the deeper the flavor of your gravy. Once your roux has cooked to your liking, thin it to gravy using your stock.


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