Barbecue: A Home Chef’s Guide Now Available!


LargeBarbeque, REAL barbeque, is more than a cooking style, it’s a lifestyle choice.

It’s a consuming passion that we never perfect, but only improve upon. BBQ is NOT the same as Grilling (we’ll cover THAT is the next guidebook!) Low and show, indirect heat, and clean smoke…that’s the mantra of the pit master.

From bacon weaves, to melt-in-you-mouth brisket, to whole roast pigs…if you can cook it, low and slow, in sweet, sweet smoke…

I’ll show you how.

There are plenty of cookbooks out there, but this is a Home Chef’s Guide, and that means more than instructions on how to make single dish.


It means learning the tips, tricks, and techniques the pro’s use to become a better cook…to understand cooking, it means advancing your culinary skills.

It means becoming a Home Chef.



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