Chef Perry on AM Northwest May 2nd!

Spatula Final
Hey Peeps,
Just a heads up, I’ll be doing a very special segment on AM Northwest this Wednesday (May 2nd, 9:00 am pst), which I’m calling:
Chef Perry’s “Spatula City” Episode!
(If you’re too young to get that reference, you can think of it as, “The One with all the Spatulas.”
(If you’re too young for THAT reference…shut up.) 😉
If you’ve ever wondered why there are 27 zillion different kinds of spatulas, and what they’re intended for…
If you’ve experienced the embarrassment and ridicule of being seen using the WRONG spatula…
If you have drawers of spatulas that you hide from you family, your friends, and your Pastor, and you just CAN’T stop buying more…
Be sure to tune in!
~Chef Perry

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