A healthy, home-cooked dinner…in 5 minutes?

potatoHow nice would it be to come home from work and have a healthy, home cooked dinner on the table…in about 5 minutes?

1. Cook up a big batch of seasoned ground beef, pork, or turkey over the weekend, portion into family-serving sizes, and freeze.

2. Before you leave for work, pop some nice big russet potatoes in the slow-cooker (see video, below), take a package of the ground meat out of the freezer, and set it in the bottom of the fridge to thaw.

(Or, make this dinner on Monday or Tuesday night, and you don’t even have to freeze the meat!)

3. When you get home, just pop the meat in the microwave (maybe with a package of your favorite frozen veggies, sloppy-joe sauce, or chili).

4. Lay out the cooked potatoes, meat, veggies, maybe some shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, etc., and KABOOM…5 minute potato bar, baby!

~Chef Perry

The Home Chef: Transforming the American KitchenWe are entering the age of the “Home Chef”, a title that’s available to nearly everyone, regardless of age, or financial standing.

That’s what this book is about…because something amazing has begun to happen in the last two decades, something that has never before happened in the history of cooking…instead of growing wider, the gap between the home cook and the professional chef has actually begun to narrow, and continues to narrow exponentially with each passing year.

The time when these specialized skills were limited to those who could afford the cost and time required for culinary school are quickly passing into history.

The time when the sole requirement to elevate your cooking skills to this level…passion…is emerging.

It’s an amazing time to become a Home Chef…and if you have that passion, I’ll show you how.


Chef Perry P. Perkins


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