Instant dinners, hot and healthy!


Quick Dinner Tip:

Not enough time to make a hot, healthy, and delicious dinner after work?

To rushed to make it ahead, in the morning?


Using a slow-cooker with a removable insert, mix up your ingredients the night before, separate the meat and veggies in two zip-bags, place in the insert and top with the lid,  and put it in the fridge. In the morning, just pop the insert back into the slow cooker, cover with lid, and set it for an 8-hour cook! Chilling the insert gives you a little lee-way in the cooking time. As most folks work an 8-hour shift, this allows for a bit of commute time without over-cooking the meal.

  • Tip #1: Take the insert out of the fridge, as soon as you get up, and let it rest on the counter-top until right before you leave.
  • Tip #2: If you’re recipe calls for a six-hour cook time, leave the insert in the fridge until right before you leave, and cut any vegetables slightly larger than the recipe calls for.

Most recipes that call for a 4-hr cook time on HIGH, turn out just as tasty at 8-hrs on LOW.

If you don’t own a slow-cooker, you can do the same thing with a heavy, lidded casserole dish or dutch oven, following the same steps and cooking at 200F in the oven. See more in my last post, “Converting Crock-pot Recipes for the Oven.

A hot dinner for the family, and the house will smell wonderful when you walk in the door…you might even be able to put your feet up for a few minutes!

Here are some of my favorite slow cooker dinner recipes…

Crock Pot “Baked” Potatoes
Roast Beef Po’ Boy
Slow Cooker Brunswick Stew
Perfect Pot Roast

~Chef Perry

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