Chef Perry’s Shrimp-a-Cado Salad


This is my take on the famous Crab-a-Cado Salad recipe from Houlihan’s Old Place in Atlanta, Georgia (my birthplace, sorta.)

I found the original recipe in my father’s copy of A Chef’s Companion, and substituted the prawns for crab (it was cheaper, and I love prawns!) Dad used to make the original recipe when he’d ticked Mom off, and was tryin’ to make good.

So, we had it… a LOT. 😉

Chef Perry’s Shrimp-a-Cado Salad

  • ½ cup olive-oil mayonnaise
  • ½ cup sour cream (or paleo friendly)
  • 2 Tbs ketchup
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ cup minced celery
  • 1 hard-cooked egg, minced
  • 1 Tbs minced parsley
  • 1 head leaf lettuce (or 4 cups of salad mix)
  • 2 chilled rip avocados, halved, seeded, and peeled
  • 1 lb cooked prawns, peeled and de-veined
  • 16 chilled cherry tomatoes, peeled
  • 4 chilled artichoke hearts, drained and halved
  • 4 chilled hard-cooked eggs
  • 16 chilled, whole, pitted black olives, small

Steam shrimp until just pink, immerse in ice water to stop cooking, and cool. Drain.

Cooking perfect shrimp the easy way

In mixing bowl, blend together mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup, and lemon juice. Stir in celery, minced eggs, and parsley. Chill.

Arrange leaf lettuce on four salad plates. Place one avocado half on each plate. Reserve a few prawns for garnish; divide remaining between the four avocado halves. Spoon a fourth of the dressing over each avocado. Place one piece of reserved shrimp on top. Sprinkle each salad lightly with paprika.

Place tomatoes on each end of the avocado. Cut each artichoke heart in half lengthwise, starting at the stem end, and place on each side of the filled avocado. Cut each hard-cooked egg in quarter wedges and place on each corner of the salad platter.

Place one whole black olive alongside each quarter of egg.

Serves 4

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