As a third generation chef, with over three decades in kitchens, let me help you explore new ways to prepare your favorite food, learn new cuisines, make old favorites healthier, or even just learn the basics, all in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Private Cooking Classes with Chef Perry

Current Classes: (Detailed descriptions below…)

Hands-On Cooking: First Time In The Kitchen, Teaching Kids to Cook, Food & Love, Off To School, Holiday Cooking, Quick & Simple Cooking, Restaurant Quality Breakfasts, Week At A Time Cooking, Custom Menus

BBQ & Grilling: Basic or Advanced BBQ & Grilling Techniques, Going Whole Hog, Becoming a Traeger Pro, Low & Slow Smoking

Non-Cooking Classes: Obtaining Your Food Handler’s License, Shopping: What the Grocery Store Doesn’t Want You to Know, Writing & Publishing Your Family Cookbook

How it works:

First we make a plan. What do you want to learn, food likes and dislikes, and any special dietary needs will be discussed, as we plan the menu together and set a date for your class.

Next, I will send you a complete ingredients list, so you can tell me what you already have on hand, then the morning of (or the night before, depending on the time of your class), I will shop for the ingredients. Attendees are welcome to join me if thy would like some basic tips on shopping.

Finally, I will arrive one hour prior to the class with all of the ingredients and equipment we’ll need. At the end of each class, students are expected to assist in the clean up (that’s part of cooking, too!)

Note: Weekend classes (Friday through Sunday) fill up quickly, so book your classes as soon as possible.

Set up a one-on-one class, or invite friends and family for a night of learning, laughs, and great food that they’ll never forget!

Pre Set Classes:


First Time In The Kitchen
Whether it’s really you’re first time in the kitchen, or you just feel like it is, we discuss the basic cooking techniques, food and kitchen safety, stocking yout kitchen, time saving tips, and much more.

Teaching kids to cook

Teaching Kids to Cook
Cooking with kids is my specialty, and the basis of my non-profit MY KITCHEN Outreach Program. We have dozens of age-appropriate dishes specifically designed for kid’s palates. We will teach them how to read a recipe, prep their ingredients, clean as the work, and the cooking techniques required for their favorite dish.

Note: On parent for each child must be present for the entire class.

This class includes a free copy of our cooking with kids “MY KITCHEN Cookbook”, full of additional recipes and techniques.

img_6599-copyFood & Love
(2-part class, minimum 2-hours each)
This is a favorite. I’ll interview you as a couple, and each of you tell me what one dish you would love for your spouse to be able to make for you. Then we’ll meet individually and learn how to make a favorite meal for the love of your life!

This is a very popular class to be given as a wedding gift.

18Off To School
College cooking options can be limited, but your don’t want to spend all that money on a brain fueled by cold pizza and instant ramen, right? Your student and I will discuss food likes and dislike, how to shop on a budget, various cooking equipment from microwaves, to rice cookers, to hot plates. Then we’ll prepare 3 simple, inexpensive, and HEALTHY meals based on their palate preferences.

This class makes a GREAT graduation present for the college-bound kid in your life!


Basic or Advanced BBQ & Grilling Techniques.
Whether you have a oil-drum pit, a shiny gas grill with all the bells and whistles, or a good ol reliable Weber Kettle, I will use my competition BBQ experience to show you how to get the most out of it! We’ll talk about BBQ vs. grilling, cleaning, maintenance, multi-zone grilling, all-season grilling, and how to do low-and-slow BBQ without a smoker. then we’ll grill up three recipes of your choice from my list of favorites.

This class includes a free copy of my “MEAT FIRE GOOD” cookbook for each student.


Going Whole Hog
(Minimum 8 hour class)
I have, literally, written the books on roasting amazing whole pigs (and lambs, and goats…) in the portable La Caja China roasting box. With ten years of experience doing whole hog BBQ both personally and professionally, I let you chose between styles like Cuban Mojo Pig, Hawaiian Luau, Southern Pig Pickin’, and many more. We’ll discuss where to buy your pig (and where not to), safely storing and thawing, and then we’ll go hands on, prepping the pig, brining or injecting, roasting to perfection, and carving and serving a whole pig.

This class includes one free copy of my cookbook “La Caja China Cooking, Vol 1” per student. Additional copies of all three volumes will be available for purchase. Pig roaster will be provided for the class. This is one to invite your friends and family to at the end of the day for an never-to-be-forgotten feast!


Becoming a Traeger Pro
Got a shiny new Traeger, from the travel-model to the big Tex? I’ll show you how to get the most from you new baby, while avoiding the issues that most owners have to learn the hard way. We’ll talk about low and slow BBQ on the T, cleaning, maintenance, the varieties of wood pellet flavors and how to match them to your ingredients, and a lot more. Then we’ll grill up three recipes of your choice from my list of favorites. Learn from a pro, and become the pit-master of your family and neighborhood!

This class includes a free copy of my “MEAT FIRE GOOD” cookbook for each student.

turkey2Holiday Cooking
Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter…you name the holiday, we’ll come up with a spectacular entree and side-dish for the perfect meal. Additional dishes may require more than one class.


Quick & Simple Chicken Breast Recipes
Learn my super-fast, super-simple recipes for making the juiciest, most tender boneless chicken breasts you’ve ever tasted, then three equally simple dishes (Italian Chicken with Pasta, Sweet Asian Chicken with Rice, & BBQ-Style Grilled Chicken with Simple Slaw.)

This is a great class for home-cooks who often find themselves trying to beat the clock to dinner!

Restaurant Quality Breakfasts
What’s your ideal of an amazing breakfast… fluffy butter-milk pancakes, stuffed omelets, mountains of airy scrambled eggs, biscuits and homemade sausage gravy, or even a big steaming bowl of spicy Asian noodle soup?

You pick your three favorites from dozens of mouth watering options, and I’ll teach you how to wake up every morning with a smile on your face!


Week At A Time Cooking
(Minimum 8-hour class)
Menu planning, bulk shopping, preparation and storage of a weeks worth of dinners, as well as re-heating without losing flavor or texture!

Custom Menus
Is there a specific dish you’ve always wanted to learn, an ethnic or regional cuisine your ben wanting to explore, or just an old family favorite that you would like to make tastier or healthier? Tell me what you want to cook, and we’ll make a plan!

Non-Cooking Classes:

Obtaining Your Food Handler’s License
Personal instruction on every step and question required to obtain your food handler’s license in Oregon or Washington State. This class can be followed with taking the online test and obtaining you license immediately ($10 filing fee with the state.)


Shopping: What the Grocery Store Doesn’t Want You to Know
(Minimum 4-hour class)
We’ll discuss how to create a shopping list that saves you time, money, and food waste, and you will choose a week (or more) worth of dinner plans from our database of hundreds of recipes. Then we’re off to the store of your choice to buy the groceries on your list, when who to shop at your favorite store, the best options for each item on your list, and how to avoid the time and money wasting traps build into every store.


Your Family Cookbook  (Minimum 10-hour class, broken into 2, 4, or 5 sessions.)

Are you favorite family recipes being forgotten? Do you have boxes of yellowing old recipe cards gathering dust on a shelf?
Have you wanted to pass on the legacy for your family’s kitchen, but the project was just too much?
You need this class!
You will learn how to gather family recipes, organize a cookbook, create an index, add b/w photos and stories, and create a stunning full color cover.
Then, you will publish your cookbook and make it available to everyone on Amazon.com (optional), as well at to yourself (at a highly discounted author’s price). No minimum inventory of books required, order as few or as many as you like, as often as you like, and let family order their own copies from a secure website at whatever discount you choose!
As a professional cookbook author, I will personally walk you through every step of the process, and guide you through the creation, publication, and launch of your own family cookbook.
This also makes a great fund-raiser for groups or charities!
Flat Fee of $3 per finished page, no additional required fees for this class. Minimum of 100 pages.


*All cooking classes will include basic knife skills, knife care, and mise en place.


What It Costs:

The base price for each cooking class is $25 per hour (including one hour for planning), and cost of ingredients, based on a pre-discussed shopping list and timeline for the class you’re taking.

Additional students are also $25 per hour (up to 4), and up to 4 observers can attend for an additional $10 per hour, apiece. Please Note: Class observers will not cook, prep food, or receive class materials, but they are welcome to watch, and share the finished dishes.

There will be a 10% discount on any future classes, following your first.

The Fine Print

Travel expenses outside of the Portland/Metro area will be considered a material expense.

Per my “Personal Chef” status, the States of Oregon/Washington require that there must be a residential kitchen onsite, and that we use that facility to prepare food. Gratuities are not included in ingredient/materials pricing, nor required, but if you love the class (and you will) we never turn down a tip!

The agreed upon total hourly fee is due at the time of booking, with the food cost reimbursement due the day of the class (receipts will be provided). There will be no refund on classes canceled with less than 72 hours notice, but you can request, no less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled class, a one-time reschedule for a mutually agreed upon date at no additional cost.

All classes are a minimum of three hours, unless otherwise noted. There will be no additional charge for classes the run over the pre-agreed timeline for the planned menu.

Got a question, or ready to schedule a class?