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  1. I have had the pleasure of participating in cooking class with a youth and Chef Perry at camp! It is always fun to watch the children’s faces after a successful recipe has been made. They are so proud and I have to say I have never in three years had a bad meal! Chef Perry for the second year in a row has agreed to cater a holiday party for foster youth. The food was incredible last year and everybody raved about it for months. I have no doubt it will be equally as phenomenal this year. Chef Perry has a heart of gold and can cook!

  2. Chef Perry is not only passionate about his work but he lives and breaths it everyday. He cares deeply for the quality of the ingredients and puts everything he has into the fine details of a meal. His sense of humor and down to earth nature are always a breath of fresh air.

  3. We had a thoroughly enjoyable Evening with the chef Perry. Everything from the proper cutting of meat to the proper handling of a knife. It was not only educational but tantalizingly delicious. The smoked bacon wrapped salmon bites, Thai chicken and Tri-tip sliders all were top notch. Our guests raved that the evening was over-the-top.

  4. Perry is an extraordinary teacher. He is able to make the fundamentals of cooking very enjoyable in a down to earth kind of way. He teaches in a clear concise way not only the basics but also the finer aspects of preparing an excellent meal. I enjoy every moment spent with him.

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