Junk Food and Obesity are NOT just “an American Problem”


MemeI keep seeing this video comparing what American’s eat, to the “healthy” lifestyles in Europe, implying that if only we yanks would follow Europe’s healthy eating habits, we would be as skinny and healthy as THEY are…and, frankly, it ticks me off.

In fact, I’m calling BS!

This might have been true of “Europe” (and the rest of the world) 20 years ago, but things have changed, the average European diet is no longer significantly healthier, or “better”, than ours, and the rest of the planet needs to stop pointing their chubby fingers at US, and start dealing with the problem in their OWN kitchens!

What we ARE guilty of, here in the US, is accepting every piece of BS idiocy that pops up on our Facebook pages as though they were written in stone by the finger of God, and then mindlessly sharing this “fake news” without any effort to confirm it, because we’re too damn lazy to look it up ourselves.

Now, I’m sure Aunt Marge is a very smart, caring, nice person…that doesn’t make her an expert on world healthcare (or any other of a number of subjects.) And hitting the SHARE button certainly doesn’t make YOU one either.

While the world (and US Media) loves to tout about America being “the fattest nation in the world“, the fact is…that’s a baldfaced LIE.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in a 2015 study and world ranking of obesity (NOT “overweight”, “Obese”), listed the US at #12 in the world. As far as overweight, we drop to #22.

Don’t rush out to DQ to celebrate that, btw…12 is still bad.

But, it’s NOT #1, as we keep hearing…which means we’re receiving, accepting, (and worse), perpetuating false information! (Very likely on a wide range of subjects…)

Who profits from the spread of that false information?

Media ~  The website’s, newspapers, programs, and papers that are being PAID to convince us that we deserve all of that unhealthy crap, and then getting paid AGAIN, to tell us how to fix all of the consequences of stuffing that crap into our gaping maws.

Big Pharma ~ It’s being forecasted that American’s will spend over 3.5 BILLION dollars, on prescription drugs alone, in 2018. Do you really think these “drug cartels” are interested in curing their cash cow?

Drug Cost

US Annual Spending (and this is just the “prescription” drugs)… in BILLIONS:

Perscription Drug expenditures

Healthcare: You thought the drug number’s were steep? In 2016 we Americans spent 3,337.2 BILLION on healthcare, and is estimated to rise 5.3 percent a year between now and 2024. 

If you think for a minute that any of these groups is going to trade their profits for the sake of our health…you need a firmer grasp on how capitalism works. 😉

Here are the Wordwide FACTS:


  • Italy’s rate of childhood obesity has now reached one in three.
  • In France, fast food swiped 54 per cent of the food market last year for a turnover of 34 billion euros (£29 billion)
  • According to a recent report by the British Parliament, more than 50 percent of British children will be obese by 2020.
  • In Wales, residents of the Welsh capital spend £86.80 every month (£1,041 a year) on takeaways and fast food.
  • Paradoxically, India has high rates of both obesity and undernourishment. According to the World Bank, the number of malnourished children is double that of sub-Saharan Africa; at the same time, India ranks third in the world for obesity.
  • The UK’s reported purchases in the category “chips” (French fries – frozen and not frozen)” were three times higher in 2014 than in 1974.
  • The European Association for the Study of Obesity states: “there will be over 20 million overweight children (of which 5 million will be obese) within a decade, despite a decline in the European population of children.”


  • Obesity rates among children and youth in Canada have nearly tripled in the last 30 years.


  • With a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate in 2013, Mexico inched past the 31.8 percent obesity rate in the United States, according to a study released by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.
  • Barry Popkin, an obesity expert at the University of North Carolina, attributes much of the spike in Mexican obesity to increased consumption of cheap sugary drinks and mass-marketed snack food.


  • As of 2015, 2 in 3 adults (63.4%) were overweight or obese, as were 1 in 4 children.
  • Twenty-two percent of Aussies in 2012 had cardiovascular disease.
  • 280 Australians develop diabetes every single day.


  • Germany has incidence of overweight and obese adults as a percentage of the total population at 54.8% as in comparison with France at 60.7%, Spain at 60.9% or the United Kingdom at 63.4%.
  • A survey in 2007 had Germany listed as the country with “the highest proportion of overweight children in Europe.” However, despite dropping in the rankings, the number of truly obese children have doubled in the past decade.


  • Obesity rates across the continent are projected to increase to 50% by 2030 and 60% by 2050.
  • Egypt and Ghana also experienced a significant increase in obesity over the past 25 years — from 34% to 39% (13% increase) in Egypt and 8% to 22% in Ghana (65% increase). The increase in obesity doubled in Kenya, Benin, Niger, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Uganda, while Zambia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi and Tanzania experienced a three-fold increase.


  • Intercountry comparable overweight and obesity estimates from 2008 show that 62.0% of the adult population (> 20 years old) in Spain were overweight
    and 26.6% were obese.


  • If trends continued, the mainland is expected to have 48.5 million overweight children in 2025, more than the population of Spain.
  • That compared with a projected 17.3 million overweight children in India and 16.7 million in the United States.
  • China is eighth on a list of 20 countries with the fastest increases in the prevalence of overweight children, with Vietnam, Azerbaijan and Serbia being the top three as of 2013.
  • The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology recently published a report that found the prevalence of overweight boys in China jumped from 0.74 per cent in 1985 to 16.35 per cent in 2014; and from 1.45 per cent to 13.91 per cent for girls.


  • In Nauru, the Cook Islands and Palau, more than 30 percent of children and teenagers were obese in 2016.
  • In Polynesia and Micronesia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean, more than 1 in 5 children are obese.

It is clear, statistically, the we ALL have an obesity crisis, all due to the same external factors, world-wide:

  • The significant decrease in learning about and practicing “Home Cooking” and related activities, over multiple generations.
  • The expansion and availability of “Fast Food”
  • The expansion and availability of “Junk Food”
  • An increasingly sedentary lifestyle, largely due to an addiction to technology.

None of that, however, changes the fact that we, as Americans, are eating outselves to death right along with the rest of the world.

We have a GLOBAL problem, and we need to find a solution better than…”well, at least we’re not as fat as them!”

It is not the government’s responsibility, it’s not Healthcare’s responsibility, it’s OURSYOU and ME, to stop letting the media (who are getting paid to do so) tell us what we crave or “how much easier our lives can be”, or that “we deserve a break today!”

Our children DESERVE to not be taking Diabetes medication at 14, our grandchildren DESERVE to have living grandparents, our nation DESERVES to not be bankrupting our schools and our social-security system to pay for the consequences of our laziness!


1. LEARN how to plan, shop for, and cook real food! (and I’m not talking about sitting on the couch sucking down Doritos while watching “Iron Chef!”

2. UNPLUG! Turn off the TV, the video games, the iPad, the $%#$% CELL-PHONE… exercise more than your eyeballs and thumbs.

3. Get off the COUCH! You don’t need a new gym, or the latest video, or a bunch of equipment! God gave you everything you need to get healthier…they’re called LEGS.

Just because we can’t see them anymore, doesn’t mean they’re not there.

For God’s sake…JUST GO FOR A WALK!

Ed - Copy4. PRIORITIZE! No matter how “busy” we all think we are, each of us has 24 hours in our day. Choose how you spend them wisely (Do you REALLY need to binge-watch Sopranos, AGAIN?)

You CAN do it! Believe me, I know. This is me in 1997, when I topped out at 387lbs.

5. MODEL IT! The most important thing we can do to improve our children’s lives isn’t getting them into the best college, or paying for their popularity…it’s making sure they KEEP LIVING! SHOW them. TEACH them. Create healthy, fun family activities so that 20 years from now, you’re kids memories of you won’t just be the back of your iPhone.

This isn’t about looking good in a pair of jeans, or who goes to the coolest gym, or even feeling better, day to day, so we can just plain enjoy life more!

This is about the survival of our species.

So, please don’t try to sum it up in a meme…especially if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

~Chef Perry