Creating your Family Cookbook“Creating Your Family Cookbook”

Class Synopsis:

“The recipes your family loves are an important part of your heritage and a very special gift to preserve and pass along to future generations.

These days it’s easier than ever. Recipes and photos can be collected, formatted, and edited via the internet, and online publishing software makes it possible to design and print the finished book.

Add genealogies, family stories, legends; this is the story of your family as seen through the food and love they’ve shared across generations!


Enjoy sharing your unique cookbook with other family members, giving it as gifts to special friends, and passing it along to your children and grandchildren, knowing that an important part of your heritage has been preserved.

This detailed class will cover recipe development and editing, book layout, photos, cover design, and then submitting your cookbook for publication. At the end of the course, you will have a published your family cookbook!”

See you there!

~Chef Perry

(To sign up, call the rec center at: 360-442-5400)